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Tempted but have more questions?  I hope this helps - if not please get in touch!

Payment can be made by bank transfer or paypal.  I take 20% deposit at the commission stage and the balance when you have confirmed you are happy with the preview of the drawing.

How do you take payment?

I usually work from photographs when it comes to children as the drawing can take several hours and it is usually very difficult to get them to sit still for anywhere near as long as needed!  I find using a photo makes life much easier on both sides and gives the client greater control of the image they are commissioning.  This also allows me to work for clients further afield.

If you have any questions or points regarding style you would like to discuss I usually do this by phone or email but am happy to meet with clients in the London area if this is helpful.

Do you draw from life and/or meet with clients?

Do you draw from life and/or meet with clients?

I understand the need for security of any images provided and they will be stored on my personal computer only and will not be shown to any third party. Unless I have agreed to carry out any further work for you I will delete all copies I have of your photographs once you confirm safe receipt of the work.  I do not publish any photographs of children on my website or any other marketing media.

What happens to the photos I supply?

What happens to the photos I supply?

I treat any photographs of the drawings as securely as any photographs of the child itself.  I may ask you if you are happy for me to include photos of my work on my website or other marketing material but I will never do so without your express permission.

What happens to any photographs taken of the drawings?

I try to do everything I can to make sure I carry out the work to the highest standard and to meet the client's original vision.  I will send you a photo of the work for an initial review before fixing the drawing so that I can change any details you are not happy with.  If, in the unlikely event that, on receipt of the physical drawing you are not satisfied with the quality then I will ask you to return the drawing to me and refund you the balancing payment upon receipt.  However I would strongly hope that this never needs to happen and will work with you as far as I can at the initial review stage to make sure you are happy with the art I have created.

What if I am not happy with the finished result?

At the moment I do not offer framing or mounting services as standard.  The main reason is that it is best if the client chooses the framing and mounting to their own tastes, and there are always risks involved in shipping a glass frame.   It could also significantly delay the delivery time. 


If you are giving the drawing to someone as a gift and are concerned about how it will look, please note that it will be sent to you in presentation packaging so it will still look lovely as a gift.  However I know that time is precious and some clients will prefer to receive a product which is ready to hang so I can arrange mounting and framing for you if needed but please be aware of the delivery risks and additional delivery time.

Do you frame and/or mount the drawings?

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