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My main non-sketching activity...

My Story

I have had a love of portrait and life drawing for many years and took whatever opportunity I could to fit it around my full time job, completing courses both in my hometown of London and in Florence (my spiritual hometown!). But it was when I had a baby of my own that I discovered how much fun it can be to draw their little faces, full of mischief and totally unencumbered by self-consciousness! 
As well as pencil drawing, my favourite media were always oil paints and sculpture but I find drawing lends itself much better to the nature of a young child's expression and delicate features (and to the amount of time I have available!). At some point I might add painting/sculpture portraits to my services but it may have to wait until my baby is a little (or a lot!) older.


I like to describe my style as "relaxed but expressive" but having a look at my portfolio will probably give you a better idea than any description I can give! I hope you like what you see but I am always happy to work to my clients' vision if they are trying to achieve a particular effect. Please get in touch if you have any ideas for a commission you want my thoughts on - I am always happy to chat!

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